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News 2017

New videos released - the publication launch seminar of "Marugoto Intermediate 1 (B1)"


On Saturday, March 25, 2017, we held a publication launch seminar of "Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture (Intermediate 1 B1)". Here you can see the videos of the seminar. Please see them together with handouts and slides. (Japanese only)

Corrections lists of the reprints are available

Apr.13,2017for teachers

We correct typographical errors, omission, etc. when reprinting Marugoto.
The corrections lists of each book are available at Resources for Teachers.
You can find the number of impression on the last page of the book.

Newly redesigned Marugoto website released!


Newly redesigned Marugoto website has been released.

New website is carefully designed so that those who visit Marugoto website for the first time or those who have just started learning Japanese will easily be able to reach the information they need. English page is now available as well.

We have put together on the new website supplementary materials such as audio recordings and vocabulary lists and resources for teachers such as Teacher’s Notes which used to be on the different websites.
In addition, we are working on the translations of supplementary materials and they will be released one after the other as they are translated.

Here are the newly added contents and functions;

  • >Supplementary materials;
    Starter (A1): Vocabulary Lists (Chinese, Korean and Indonesian)
    (*Spanish, Thai and Russian will be added soon.)
    Intermediate (B1): Vocabulary Lists (Spanish and Russian)
    Translations of Listening Scripts and Text in the Textbook (French, Spanish and Russian)
    Leaning Record (Spanish and Russian)
  • >Videos introducing lessons (Starter (A1));
  • >You can now download all the audio files of a textbook as a single package at a time and also stream the audio recordings. In addition, we have rearranged the audio files of Starter (A1) to Pre-intermediate (A2/B1) so that you can easily find and use what you need.

We hope more and more people will learn Japanese with Marugoto and use new Marugoto website.