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Aug.01,2017 General "Marugoto (A2-1) Japanese Online Course" is now available!
Jul.27,2017 General Provide us your feedback on Marugoto and get a small gift!
Jul.07,2017 Materials Chinese version of the Learning Record of Intermediate 1 (B1) is now available
Jul.05,2017 General Special interview: Why I study Japanese -Kevin Reynolds- has been released!
Jul.04,2017 General The words and expressions for Elementary 2 (A2) have been added to the MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA website!
Jul.04,2017 General MARUGOTO+ (MARUGOTO Plus) Elementary 2 (A2) website is now open!
Jun.29,2017 Materials Can-do Check in various languages and English translation of Lesson/Topic Review (Can-do Conversation) are now available
Jun.26,2017 For Teachers Corrections list of the reprints was updated
Jun.06,2017 Materials Thai, Spanish and Russian versions of the Word Book (Starter (A1) ) are now available!
May.25,2017 General Indonesian and Thai versions of the "MARUGOTO Words (MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA)" are now available!
May.22,2017 General Provide us your feedback on Marugoto and get a small gift!
May.17,2017 General Indonesian, Thai, and Spanish language versions of the "Marugoto (A1) Japanese Online Course" are now available!
Apr.21,2017 Events New videos released - the publication launch seminar of "Marugoto Intermediate 1 (B1)"
Apr.13,2017 For Teachers Corrections lists of the reprints are available
Apr.03,2017 General Newly redesigned Marugoto website released!