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News 2018

Maintenance work for "Marugoto Website"


"The Marugoto Website" will not be accessible at most for 1 hour during the following time due to the maintenance work.
Date: April 19,2018. At most 1hour During from AM0:00 to AM6:00 (As of Japan Time).

Vocabulary Indexes with Vietnamese, German, Portuguese and Russian translation have been added!


ocabulary Indexes with Vietnamese, German, Portuguese, and Russian translation are now available at Download Materials and Resources for Teachers.
(German and Portuguese are available from Elementary1(A2) to Pre-Intermediate(A2/B1) and Russian is available from Starter(A1) to Pre-Intermediate(A2/B1).As for Vietnamese, Elementary2(A2) and Pre-Intermediate(A2/B1) are newly added.)

Intermediate 2 (B1) Supplementary Materials with French translation have been added!


Vocabulary List and Learning Record with French translation are now available at Intermediate 2 (B1) of Download Materials.

New videos released - the publication launch seminar of "Marugoto Intermediate 1 (B1)"


On Dec. 3rd, 2017 (in Tokyo) and Feb. 3rd, 2018 (in Osaka), we held publication launch seminar of "Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture (Intermediate 2 B1)". Here you can see the videos of the seminar. Please see them together with handouts and slides. (Japanese only)

"Users’ Voices" have been released!


Learning with Marugoto is spreading around the world. We are introducing learners’ voices from America, Spain, Australia, India and Chile at "Users’ Voices" this time.

Chinese and Vietnamese versions of the "MARUGOTO Words (MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA)" are now available!


We have added Chinese and Vietnamese language versions of the website "MARUGOTO Words (MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA)". You can check words and phrases used in Marugoto.

Intermediate 2 (B1) Download Materials have been added!


English translations of listening scripts and text, Vocabulary List and Learning Record with Spanish translation are now available at Intermediate 2 (B1) of Download Materials.

Chinese and Vietnamese language versions of the "Marugoto (A1) Japanese Online Course" are now available!


Chinese and Vietnamese languages have now been added as languages of explanation to the "Marugoto (A1) Japanese Online Course", which is part of the Japanese language learning platform "JF Japanese e-Learning Minato".

For further details on the course, see the following web pages:

> Chinese version
> Vietnamese version

For enrollment in the course please see here.