About Marugoto

Q. Is it necessary to use both Katsudoo and Rikai with Starter (A1) and Elementary 1 and 2 (A2)?

A. Because Katsudoo and Rikai are both designed to be main teaching materials, depending on learners’ needs and learning history, it is possible to have a course that uses only Katsudoo or only Rikai. However, it is recommended that learners who are learning Japanese for the first time use both Katsudoo and Rikai, if thinking of studying for a relatively long period of time, in order to develop overall ability in Japanese.

Q. Does Marugoto have to be taught in order from lesson 1?

A.Marugoto was not put together so that language points build on top of each other (each lesson is self contained), so it can be taught without proceeding in order from lesson 1. It is also possible to select and use only those topics that meet particular learning aims (for example, choosing topics and practising conversations related to Travel before going on a trip to Japan).

At intermediate level learners’ needs are considered more diverse, so in Intermediate 1 and 2 (B1) each part is divided by skill and can be studied independently.

Q. Can Marugoto be used for one-to-one or small group classes?

A.Marugoto was designed with group activities in mind, so is more effective when there are a number of learners. However, supplementary materials, such as audio recordings and vocabulary lists are also available, so it can be used with one-to-one classes or for self study.

Q. Can Marugoto be used for junior high school and high school classes?

A.Marugoto is mainly aimed at adult learners living overseas, but there are organisations that use it for the later stages of secondary education (high school).While there are topics that high school students would enjoy studying, there are also situations where, for example, people are drinking alcohol, so the teachers responsible for the course need to judge whether the contents of each topic are suitable for minors. However, for elementary school and junior high school students, there might be inappropriate points not only with the contents but also with the approach to learning. We would like the teachers responsible for the course to examine these points carefully.

Q. Is there a grammar book?

A.A grammar book has not been produced. The ultimate objective of Marugoto is communication in Japanese, so practice of sentence patterns takes place within the specific context of topic areas and conversations. If learners have questions about grammar, we recommend using the various reference materials for teachers to freely supplement the course book.

For reference, grammar books made independently by, for example, overseas JF offices to meet the needs of that location’s students are available at the following websites:

Q. Does Marugoto correspond to the levels of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)?

A.The JF Standard, which Marugoto conforms to, uses a level indicator that shows what learners can do using Japanese (ability to accomplish tasks), and was developed based on a different background from the JLPT levels. If a learner studying with Marugoto wishes to take the JLPT test, the following levels are recommended as a rough guide. However, Marugoto is not a book intended for the JLPT test, so learners who are aiming to pass the JLPT are recommended to do extra preparation, such as by using a workbook with test practice questions.

Rough guide of when to take the JLPT test

Marugoto JLPT
end of Elementary 1 N5
end of Pre-Intermediate N4
end of Intermediate 2 N3

Q. What is the future publication schedule?

A. Publication of Marugoto books ends with Intermediate 2 (B1).

How to purchase Marugoto

Q. Where can I buy Marugoto?

A. In Japan Marugoto books are published by Sanshusha, you can buy Marugoto from online shops and book shops throughout Japan. Regarding buying Marugoto overseas, please check the shops that stock Marugoto overseas page on Sanshusha’s website.
In some countries, you can buy Marugoto from local publishers. For more information, please check the Overseas Edition page.
Please enquire with the relevant publishing company for matters related to purchasing Marugoto.

Q. Is there an audio CD?

A. If you wish to have the audio recordings on a CD, you can request one via the publisher’s website.

About the website

Q. I cannot register.

A. The password needs to be the combination of letters and numbers, and at least 8 characters long.
The e-mail confirming your registration will be sent from info@marugoto.org . Check your e-mail settings and your spam folder, and if the e-mail has not arrived, please contact us using the General Inquiry form.

When you contact us, please include the following information:

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Q. I have forgotten my password.

A. Please follow the steps on the forgot my password page.

Q. Can I change my password?

A. Yes, you can. Set a password of your choice on the change my password page (passwords need to be at least 8 characters long and written in half-width alphanumeric characters).

Q. How can I change the email address on my account?

A. You cannot change it. Please create a new account with your new email address. Also, please let us know your old email address through the General Inquiry form, and we will delete your old account.

Q. I cannot open the audio recordings.

A. You are required to download the MP3 audio files to your computer. Folders containing the audio files for each topic are compressed in ZIP format, so your computer’s system environment needs to support ZIP files.

If you have any problems downloading files, after checking the type of device and the version of the operating system and browser you are using, please contact us using the General Inquiry form.

If you have an online system environment, you can also stream the audio files. If the files will not play, first check whether the browser you are using is up-to-date.

Q. I cannot download the materials.

A. After checking the type of device and the version of the operating system and browser you are using, please contact us using the General Inquiry form.

Q. Why is user registration necessary?

A. User registration is required to download audio files in terms of copyright protection. You can download any materials other than audio files without user registration.

Q. Can I access the website from my tablet or smartphone?

A. Yes. The website can also be displayed on a tablet or smartphone.

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